Need Low budget Equipement?

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Need Low budget Equipement?

Post by Soniku11 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 5:54 am

There are various low budget Equipement you can get literally for free, or by buying the materials for Crafting.

If you're Newbie or can't afford to farm hours a high difficulty boss for spina, here are some reccomendations (If you're in need of Equip like Armor and etc check my low budget post on the 2 handed Sub Forum).

In case you somehow managed to finish the MQ (Main Quest) which it can be easily skipped going all Easy and with mercenaries, i got two good reccomendations for you

1- Lil Empress Sword: if you have Aggro by some other equipement, but one of it's other stats is neccesary, here is a good option and an easy one, and fire element is really strong.

2- Finstern Fang Sword (or something round that): This one may be a lil harder, but still a good option if you lack from HP, and need a decent drop weapon for a 1h Character.
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